Keeping the Startup Team Motivated: 7 Tips to Follow

Employees who are starting their careers by working in the startup culture will have both exciting as well as thrilling experiences. It is also obvious that they will be extremely frightened, as they will have no idea as to what is going to happen to this startup in the future. As the owner of a startup company, it is your duty to ensure that your startup team is constantly motivated so that they agree to stay with you even when things are going downhill. Without a team, it will be practically impossible for you to gain success. You need to explain to your team that there are both ups and downs associated with not only the new businesses but also the age-old ones. When your employees are feeling motivated, they will stick with you no matter what situation arises.

If you do not know the proper ways in which you can keep the employees motivated in your startup, you can follow the tips that have been listed below.

Guiding vision

It is extremely important to have a vision as the vision is considered to be the guiding light, which helps the startups to traverse all the pitfalls right at the beginning. A vision must be embedded in all the little things, which your company is doing and standing for. Employees should latch onto the vision so that they have something to work for.

You need to act like a parrot and keep repeating your vision time and again. The passion for work often needs to emanate from you and it is your duty to spellbind your employees. In order to make your vision tangible, you should also be able to set measurable and realistic goals and communicate them in a proper manner to the employees.

Business leadership

As a business leader, it is completely in your hands to keep your startup team motivated. You need to understand those true business leaders will not hide behind their employees but will stand right at the front to lead them in both the difficult as well as the smooth situations. You should show accountability and appreciate the contribution of the employees in your startup.

Most of the time, it has been observed that when you are not appreciating your workers, they will try to leave your startup. A good leader is known to evoke two important things, which are empathy and respect towards the employees.

Perks as well as rewards

You need to understand that all the members of your team can be motivated with the help of the different incentives that they are offered. Therefore, it is your duty to keep your fingers on the employees’ pulses and understand what they want or need. Rewards are considered to be one of the most powerful motivators. This also does not mean that money is going to be a solution.

You should praise the work of your employees and do something unique and unusual to make them feel valued so that they stay with you for a really long time. You can allow your employees to go through the reputed website of Liberty Lending to get a clear idea as to how the startup can clear the debts.

A lot more than money

It is true that money is capable of buying happiness but this does not mean that you keep offering incentives to your employees without even praising the good work that they are doing. You need to understand that if your startup is walking towards success, it is because of the entire team of employees that you have, along with your hard work. You need to understand that more than money, there are a number of other little things, which matter a lot to the employees, and this does not mean receiving a pat from the employer.

You can concentrate on other things like keeping your startup office stalked always with coffee, or utilizing food as one of the best motivation boosters. Studies have revealed that around 30% of the employees will love flexible working schedules and remote working possibilities. You should also include practices like telecommuting into your daily operations.

Cultural dimension

The work culture of a particular place is also known to motivate the startup team. Great and amazing work culture will make remarkable things possible, and you will be able to see all your workers coming to your office with a broad smile on each of their faces. Emphasize the value of your company and ensure that you are empowering your employees to grow in both professional as well as personal manner.

You should provide them with the opportunity to work on a number of diverse projects. Allowing informal interactions along with creative processes will help in strengthening the bond between your employees and you. This is the kind of innovative culture as well as collaboration, which is one of the newest standards that the startup landscape is currently seeing.


Communication is one of the most important things, which is significant for any enterprise to achieve success. Apart from the direct interaction with your startup team, you should also make use of video calls, direct messages, email, and a number of other tools. Ensure that everyone is in a similar loop when you are giving an update regarding a project that is going on.

You should allow your employees to not only pitch but also execute the unique ideas that they have. This will allow the employees to feel that they are an important part of your team. A number of reputed startups all over the world take advantage of the demo events in order to boost employee motivation as well as engagement.

Team bonding

You should ensure that your employees are bonding with each other as well so that they can work together on a similar project without having an argument. You can arrange trips for your employees, cinema nights, yoga classes, or other sessions, which will allow all the members to bond with each other.


Motivation is undoubtedly the best kind of fuel, which allows a business operation to gain success. Ensure that you are taking care of all the tips that are mentioned above so that you can promote responsibility, collaboration, and freedom within your startup team.

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