How to Boost your B2B Inbound Marketing [Tips and Tools]

Are you looking to get more qualified leads and nurture them into paying customers?


Inbound Marketing can help.

Here’s how.

You need to Scale Content Creation

For B2B Inbound Marketing to be successful, you need great content and lots of it.

Not just that, you need content for your entire funnel: Top of funnel, mid and bottom of the funnel.

You need content to attract people, to educate them, and for your sales reps to help close the deals.

In other words.

You need to scale your content creation.

But don’t think that because you need to scale, you can skimp on quality.

You need both and Content Marketers are under more and more pressure to do so.

Scale Top of Funnel content

You need a blog, pillar pages, white papers, etc. to get people to notice you. Therefore, you need quality content, strong SEO and preferably a strong social following. For B2Bs, check out how you can get more followers for your LinkedIn page.

To create high-quality top-of-funnel content, check out this cool tool.

It’s a Marketing Copy Generator that helps you come up with content ideas, blog intros, outlines and more.

A couple more tips:

  • Don’t just write about what you like to write about but rather about what people search for.
  • Don’t think that you can create 50 blog posts and call it a day. You need a lot more to really boost your b2b inbound marketing.
  • Don’t just publish, promote your content to reach more people and to build your domain authority.
  • Don’t just promote your content on your social channels, go a step further and really grow.

Quite some ‘don’ts’. But it’s important to be mindful if you really want to get the best results.

Scale Middle of Funnel content

For your middle-of-the-funnel content, we advise using Foleon. A Content Creation Platform that helps you create beautiful content experiences instead of boring PDFs, at scale!

How many PDFs have you created? How much time did it take you and your designers, how beautiful were they, how easy was it to create more and how much data did you receive about the readers?

If you’re not really satisfied with creating PDFs and the data you can collect, you’re not the only one.

You really should stop using PDFs for business content and create better experiences for your prospects.

The cool thing is that after you’ve created your first Doc, it’s really easy to take bits and elements or even the entire doc and create more.

Scale up your Inbound Marketing the smart way.

Create bottom of Funnel content

After all that hard work you’ll get a couple of prospects that are very close to closing a deal. Don’t waste that opportunity. Equip your sales reps with beautiful content that helps them close the deal.

Again, not in a PDF. You want to wauw them and get insights into which pages they have read, which videos they have clicked on, etc.

Bottom line

To boost your B2B inbound efforts, you need a lot of great content.

We’ve provided you with tips and two tools to go forth and create.

We hope they’re valuable and that it helps improve your results.