How to Get more YouTube Subscribers

This is a very short article where I show you two brilliant YouTube channels and what they do to get more YouTube subscribers.

First of all, many YouTube channels don’t even have a call to action. When watching the video, people attention is not drawn to the subscribe button at all.

Other YouTube channels do a slightly better job and ask at the end of the video to subscribe if you liked the video. Some even add a button.

Now watch these two great examples of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and ScienceToday.

How The Daily Show with Trevor Noah get more YouTube subscribers

You can watch the entire video I’ve embedded below. It’s pretty funny. If you don’t have the time, skip to minute 11:17 (almost end of the video).

You’ll notice that Trevor invites you to subscribe to their channel by talking to you and he provides a call to action button.

Go ahead, take a look and then we’ll jump to the next example.

How ScienceToday get more YouTube subscribers

I really love what ScienceToday is doing. The video ends at minute 9:40 but shows one of their popular video for three more minutes. They grab your attention for three more minutes and exposes you to the “subscribe to the channel” button for three more minutes.

I think it’s genius!

Back to you

Admit it! Have you been missing out on getting more YouTube subscribers because you haven’t thought things through?

What other tactics can you teach us?

Let us know in the comments below.

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