22 Amazing Sites with Breathtaking Free Stock Photos

And tools to kickstart your visual marketing campaigns

Let's get visual

When it comes to growing your business, visual content is extremely important to engage with your audience. At the end of the day, we are all human and we like seeing beautiful images.

To help you kickstart your visual marketing campaigns, I've compiled a list with free breathtaking stock photos and a list of tools, below.

Check out this post for free stock photos for nonprofits.

Important note about licenses

I did my best to review all the sources mentioned below to make sure the photos are licensed under creative common public domain, meaning that you can do whatever you want with the pictures, even use it for commercial use. I would still advise you to check for yourself and if you notice that there are restrictions, please notify us in the comments below.

Free stock photo websites

Visual graphic tools

There are many paid and free visual graphic tools. I often used the Open Source tools IncScape and Gimp. You can download them for free and they're fairly easy to work with, after watching a few tutorials.

Since I started using Canva, I hardly ever used them. Canva's freemium has a lot of options and beautiful built in fonts, icons, illustrations and more. You don't need to install any software and it's very intuitive. I would definitely recommend Canva as your first tool.

Similar options are Snappa and Desygner.

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