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If one was to sit down and analyze all the drastic changes that have happened over the last few years, there would be a lot many answers that one will get. One of the biggest changes that have taken place is in the marketing and advertising field. We all are aware of how important advertising and marketing has become today. In fact, starting from products and services to now the celebrities, everyone uses marketing and advertising as a platform to market themselves. Making the statement ‘that which is visible sells’ very substantial and relevant.

Most of us who are a part of the 21st century have also seen the modes and means of advertising change in leaps and bounds. People no longer need to stick to the conventional ways of marketing such as newspaper ads, TV commercials or ad spots on the radio. With the surge of technology and boom in the IT sector, naturally, a change in the medium of marketing was long due. From print media to ruling the screens of iPad and mobiles, advertising has seen a 360-degree change.

The one thing, however, to not have changed is the importance of content. In fact, content and marketing are partners that cannot survive without the presence of the other. There are many key marketing players who think that mediums can replace the importance of good content, but news just in! CONTENT will always remain a priority.

For all those people who feel that content marketing is dead, let us take a walk down memory lane and remember those headlines or catchy phrases that we remember the most. The moment we think of NIKE we remember the tag line ‘Just do it’, or for that matter, we automatically relate to feeling good every time we step into a McDonalds because of the phrase ‘I’m loving it’. In all reality the fact is that we associate the brand/service more with the marketing content then we do with the medium that it is advertised on. So, rather than denying the inevitable and beating about the bush let us just accept that good content is not going anywhere. Here let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the year 2019 is still going to name ‘content’ as the king of marketing and advertising.

FUN FACT: According to a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute in 2016, more than 90% of businesses decided to concentrate on content marketing.


Have you ever imagined what Amazon, Facebook or Twitter would look like if there was no content? It would be windows of empty spaces that none of us would like to visit. All these sites are what they are because of the content that is available on it. YouTube would not be YouTube without the presence of videos, and Amazon won’t be Amazon without the listing of images and their descriptions. That’s just how important content is.


These days people get irritated with all the hoardings and banners found physically and on the online platforms. They look for paid versions of apps and try to block on the unnecessary advertising eclipses. It is here when content comes to the rescue. Content marketing is advertising but in an informative and educative way using a lot of entertainment in the form of power packed messages and catchy one-liners.


One brand I would like to highlight here is the Indian brand Amul, which comes up with the best content based on the current situations. The Amul utterly butterly girl is already a hit and then the company cashes in on any new happening event and brands the content accordingly. Content marketing gives you the ability to be creative and appeal to the senses that control human emotions. This also gives you the opportunity to be relevant and real time.


Auto mailers and non-personalized marketing material do not appeal to customers these days. Content marketing gives you the ability to work on a marketing agenda which will connect you to your future buyers and make it more relevant for them. Customized content will give you better chances of connecting with your audiences.


The biggest reason why content will remain the king is that we the customers demand it. Out of all the time spent on the internet, almost 20% of it goes in reading content on the net. Almost 80% people read the information that is specially curated for them and appeals to what intrigues their interest level.


In the era of hashtags and Adwords, one can’t deny the fact that content is what makes it work. If one is trying to optimize their output via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , then they will depend a lot on good content. Good content is the string base that one needs to rank high when it comes to SEO ranking and Adwords. CONTENT MAKES YOU VISIBLE: As time goes by there is more competition in the market. So many brands that offer the same products/services. In the sea of so many, how can one make their brand visible? The answer is a carefully planned and executed content marketing strategy. If your brand has content which is eye-catching and answers their questions, it will automatically make you visible.

No matter what your product is and no matter which demographics you are targeting, the one thing that will remain the same is the priority one needs to give to content. If one wants to build brand awareness, trust and loyalty content marketing will be the only way out to help you reach this goal.

With the consumers now being more available online on the Internet of Things, customized content will help you curate material that will engage your customers in the form of questionnaires and blogs. So, set aside all your fears and concentrate on your content strategy because, “Mediums of marketing may come and go, but the content will remain there forever”

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Henry Jones is a Digital Marketer/Content Specialist who loves to write content and working in GoDissertationHelp, an academic writing service company which provides the best dissertation writing services in UK.

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